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do you ever wonder how a character is doing after a series is over

…or if they’d fall in love with me? Sure.


So I just watched the last ever episode of Veronica Mars without realizing it. I feel extremely uncomfortable.

That happened to me as well. I felt so cheated.

Although I’ve just finished ghostcat3000's If Your Mind Should Sway (which was perrrrfect because the ATG series and it’s stand-alones make my life - please keep doin’ what you’re doin’), and a few other lovely gems that I have on deck to read, I do have a confession to make…

Every day that transpires without a seventh chapter of scandalpantsstuff's Haunted, I cry silently under my covers before I fall asleep.

That’s all I wanted to say.

Not so subtle moments…




If I were gifabled I would illustrate, but in the movie, when Veronica wakes up Logan, he checks to see if she’s dressed before ever looking at her face. Hmm…what was on your mind Mr. Echolls? 

It’s a little thing, but it made me laugh and I was wondering if anyone else noticed?

And she checks out his naked chest before looking into his eyes. Oh, those two.

graphic aid (gif by veronicaecholls)


ETA: the gif doesn’t work here :( … link



They are so deliciously sneaky. 

(There is like one mild second of disappointment on both their parts RIGHT before Veronica speaks. Like, “Damn…she’s dressed.” “Hot damn. He’s so—UGH.”)

Veronica Mars follows me everywhere. Or do I see it everywhere?

Veronica Mars follows me everywhere. Or do I see it everywhere?

Is it actually possible for VMars to become a Netflix series? O_O


I think there’s been some discussion from Rob Thomas about the future of the franchise and the idea of the series being revived on Netflix was brought up as the ideal option. 

I’m not sure how Netflix makes its programming decisions, for every House of Cards, there’s a Lilyhammer, you know? Based on their decision to pick up The Killing, which has terrible numbers and pretty divisive critical reactions, it doesn’t seem like they’re looking for commercial projects only. They want to make a name for themselves with their original programming, much like AMC.

I imagine that the only thing holding them back is that Veronica Mars is an already established show and that they are concerned that it wouldn’t be branded as closely to them as something with less visibility. Which is missing the point, I think. Think of what a new, present-day, unfettered-by-content-ratings Veronica Mars would be like. A charismatic, complicated female lead, content that combines mystery and social commentary, actors both attractive and exciting to watch. This is basically everything Netflix already recommends to me and practically everyone I know. Yes, the die hard fans would mainline the series but more importantly, so would people who have never heard of it. They’d see the recommendation, click on it with a shrug of “Why not?” and fall into the vortex just like the rest of us.

There also may be right issues at hand…Amazon appears to be holding all three seasons of the show for streaming. If they were to proceed with signing a deal with Netflix, I doubt Netflix would be okay with letting Amazon keep the old seasons. They’d probably have to enter negotiations on that front as well.

This is kind of exciting. I feel like I should start writing down some of the ideas I have for fanfics. 
Wait, what?

This is kind of exciting. I feel like I should start writing down some of the ideas I have for fanfics. 

Wait, what?